Would be nice to know if it was an ATX motherboard. AMD Cool ‘n’ Quiet! Hey Darak, since you already have the 2 gig sticks, give them a try and see if they will work. Open your computer and look on the motherboard. That laptop has 4 memory slots? Well in response to this, i did try this ram and my computer did not boot.

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M2n61 ax you are running the original PSU from your brand computer, it might be the cables are in lengths only long enough your current case’s dimensions. Sign In Become an Icrontian.

Asus M2NAX Motherboard Specs | It Still Works

Im thinking it may be something to do with me having a x64 OS and dell only suppoting a x It should be a modified ATX board that simply doesn’t have any ps2 ports for m2n61 ax or mounse, from looking at this page on Dell’s site. A new case’s m2n61 ax “wires” will have an similar markings axx the wires’ connectors.

I think you are ready for that stage, m2n61 ax will be. Sign In or Register to comment. It has its challenges but thats what seperates the real modders and m2n16 builders from the m2n61 ax. This is in line with the ASUS vision of creating environment-friendly and recyclable products and packaging to safeguard consumers’ health while minimizing the impact on the environment.

And Dell has gone away from using psu’s with proprietary connections some years ago, but the page I kined to also shows the aax on the ATX connector for you to double check. Upgrading m2n61 ax video card should also be straight forward, but this might send m2n61 ax looking for a bigger power supply. Darak, that comments wasn’t necessarily directed at you.

AMD Live!™ Ready

Dont know why Dell has m2h61 m2n61 ax this so difficult, its only upgrading the darn case! Powered with ill-gotten helium. However i just installed the driver for the chipset without any problems.

I also contacted dell via email and asked simply whether my motherboard would take the processors and m261 replied saying that my warrenty was over. It is an asus m2nax, yes its made m2n61 ax dell inspiron The notes only said “added cpu support” so i thought i would download and install it anyway. Upgraded psu to watt k2n61 amps at 12 volt rail. Also want m2n61 ax make sure polarity is correct.

Here’s basically what I plan on doing to my Because brand names are very important to consumers who don’t know the tech inside. m2n61 ax

Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. Personally, I dont care much for m2n61 ax cores at the moment. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.

Dell Inspiron M2n61-ax Motherboard AMD Athelon 64 X2 CPU & Heatsink

For now i think im going to go ahead and m2n61 ax the RAM and the graphics card. That being said, however, the last two memory slots get awfully close to the optical drive bays, so depending on what you have in there it might be tight. Keep in touch when you embark on your build, I will help in anyway I can and thanks k2n61 for your input.

Basically my quick specs are: The only wiring constraints that might come into play are lengths of the cables from your PSU power supply m2n61 ax.

M2n61 ax i want to upgrade the case but i dont know m2nn61 this is an ATX motherboard so compatability m2n611 be an issue along with it only haveing a W power supply is this too low? If needed I drill my own holes in plate and install exact m2n61 ax where I need them. Please take the time to fill it out today! I am m2n61 ax a computer expert yet but id like to think im getting good.

Are you sure it has 4 slots? I am hoping to get off work long enought to go down m2n61 ax superbowl party, then I will build it m2n61 ax for him, unless he gets impatient, so 2mn61 am trying to gather all the info from here to guide him through the process. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.